Here at LIFE Church we believe that growth and freedom is found in community and we want to create as much opportunity as possible for connections to develop. Lifegroups are an opportunity to meet together in smaller groups (often around common interests) through the week to grow in community, friendships & freedom.

The groups are as diverse as we are – why don’t you have a look through the directory below to find something that fits with you & your schedule. If you would like to start a LIFE Group please email and we will get in touch.

Groups meet weekly in terms, similar to how school terms run. They run for:
Autumn Term 8 weeks (wc 23rd of September – wc 18th of November 2019)
Spring Term 9 weeks (wc 27th of January – wc 23rd of March 2020)
Summer Term 10 weeks (wc 4th of May wc 6th of July 2020)

Find your lifegroup using the filters or tags below, or scroll through the list.